About Us

Specialists and Industry Trained Experts

Labanna Capital Management focuses on many global public equity markets and financial products and instruments like fixed income, credit markets, and derivatives with fully developed models for strategic risk management and premium return.

Having grown into a global, independent investment management firm managing equity focused investment strategies, Labanna Capital Management has successfully combined leading-edge research and scientific methods with years of direct trading, risk management, and key product/market selection. Labanna is able to create excellent financial performance for investing clients, whilst reducing additional volatility and maintaining balanced risk/return characteristics.

Labanna Capital Management believes positive, long-term positive returns are created by systematically embracing market characteristics supported by basic, economic principles and forecasts. Seeking to identify the cyclic popularity of global equity markets our professional global team of Financial Advisors and Management interact and provide advice with planning corporate direction, implementing business strategies and with tailoring investment choices for individual investors.

Our client base is diverse and we welcome a myriad of enquiry from company directors, CEO’s, Member and Board Associates and Principals including senior management and also from the individual investor having proven and demonstrated strategies for performance.

Labanna Capital Management has developed a structured process in selecting businesses that present the most significant return balanced with an acceptable risk, strong competitive advantage and identifiable barriers to entry, innovative and/or disruptive market with huge global potential, a clear customer validation and development program, robust execution and exit strategy to maximise returns and most importantly a strong and dynamic management team.

Regardless of whether you are a smaller, personal investor or international brand name company, by using liquidity, equity-valuation and market growth to identify opportunities and strategies we generate consistent attractive returns without taking on significant levels of risk.

Labanna Capital Management provides solutions for individual local investors to actively canvass and participate in a vast array of investment solutions and practices. Our investment philosophy, backed by substantial and fundamental economic and investment principles is our key to success and why our clients stay with us - we offer choices by leading investors into new products, stocks and financial instruments yet at the same time, provide a solid basis for better known, more traditional financial strategies and markets.

Using a combination of proven fundamental economic practices and combining these with newer, more positive and innovative methods allows Labanna Capital Management to reach distinctive elements of overall portfolio management and wealth creation. Embracing insight into client focused goals is a strong focus and our success is backed by financial problem solving and multiple faceted research and development methods. In addition, consideration of all critical issues are assimilated into complex decisions regarding the direction of client portfolios creating long lasting and successful results.

Labanna Capital Management avoids the obstacles presented by economical and geographical uncertainties by implementing a sustainable investment model using new and changing management strategies that enable us to challenge and embrace emerging channels of investment opportunities. The generation of long-term term results and value returns underpins the inevitable fluctuations of difficult markets and this helps us investigate and participate in different markets, regions and financial products.

Our main goal is to protect the investments of our clients whilst growing their financial position, and we achieve this by diversifying long and short term investment participation through solid and planned advice based on experience and meticulous research. We understand that our global investors have diverse and increasingly complex needs and our institutional and private clients have specific requirements and we focus on creating investment programs that fit the client's profile, financial goals and risk acceptable criteria.